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Book Review: Satan's Affair

Author: H.D. Carlton

Rating: 3/5


A quick read at a little under 60,000 words, Satan's Affair gave a bit of insight into Sibby's past. Born into a cult she was determined to break out of, she found the courage to stand up to her father and live the life she was meant for. The story follows her to present day and the reader gets Sibby's perspective of the events that occurred at Satan's Affair, shown in Zade's perspective in Haunting Adeline.


After finishing the cat and mouse duet (Haunting Adeline and Hunting Adeline), I went into Satan's Affair knowing what to expect. The romance and smut felt pointless because I had experience Sibby's special kind of crazy in the duet, and knew her henchmen were hallucinations.

The relationship between Sibby and her mother was raw and sad. It really helped to give Sibby's story purpose, which I appreciated.

Overall, it was an okay read but I don't love Sibby's character and having read Haunting Adeline first, it felt a bit repetitive.

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