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Black Planet

Box Set Books 1-4

Sex. Murder. Glue.

A deep-state agency has uncovered an ancient stone technology in the woods of Shale, Arizona.

As they experiment on the bizarre structure, the veil between our world and another is pierced, and a powerful substance begins to seep into the woods. 

Brian and Claire have been selling amateur content on the dark web, saving money to leave the tiny town.

When their nihilistic pursuits combine with the ancient stone technology buried in the woods, an evil substance is released.

Tyler should not have been fooling around in North Pine Woods, and he never should have let Bennet shoot that owl. Only it wasn't an owl...

Now, all points are coalescing with horrific consequences. Crime, shared nightmares, and lustful possessions grip the town of Shale as the metaphysical substance grows stronger. 


Chew on This

Featuring: Kristopher Triana – K. Trap Jones – Nikki Noir - Mark C. Scioneaux – Vivian Kasley – Chad Stroup – John McNee – Victorya Chase – Armand Rosamilia – Sarah Johnson and Robert Bose – S.C. Mendes -– Shenoa Carroll-Bradd – Sylvia Anne Telfer – Tonia Brown – Ronald Kelly – Chad Lutzke

Are you hungry for horror?

Chew on This! has everything you need to satiate your appetite for the strange and macabre. Tonight’s menu is a fifteen-course meal of subtle and atmospheric tales all the way down to the grisly, blood-drenched extremes. Creepy restaurants, treacherous take-out, forbidden feasts, and more! We’ve got horror so good you can taste it!

Dig in!

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Artist, author, publisher, coffee lover, photographer, Halloween enthusiast, and creator of dark, spooky, pretty things. 

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