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Madness From the Sea: Cthulhu's Lure

Jonathon T. Cross

Frances Smith chronicled her visions of a tentacled deity in her private journal, but it was a mistake to believe her husband wouldn’t read it. Donnie could never understand, let alone approve.

When Donnie discovers her journal, he tries everything in his power to save their failing marriage, but as Frances’ sanity slips and her obsessions take hold, he realizes his efforts are in vain. Frances will only confide in her online followers, some of whom claim to be experiencing the same twisted phenomena.

Their worlds implode when a cloaked fanatic shares his intimate knowledge of Cthulhu and reveals France’s personal connection to the past. With newfound validation, Frances is determined to awaken the creature who has summoned her and consummate their union.

To reach Cthulhu’s isle, she will need to get past Donnie and align her followers with the Cthulhu Cultists on an ill-fated voyage to the oceanic pole of inaccessibility. Lies, betrayal, and death untold await in this modern fanfiction sequel to Lovecraft’s classic tale of horror, The Call of Cthulhu.

Valley of the

Jonathon T. Cross

When Zeke Whitfield, a struggling teen father loses his daughter to false accusations of abuse, he finds comfort in ecstasy.

His new roommate has no shortage of the pill with the power to fabricate happiness.

In an attempt to raise money for legal fees, Zeke slips deeper into the Arizona underground. He learns people aren't always what they seem and ecstasy isn't the only drug in his system.

Now, indebted to a ruthless dealer known as Fate, Zeke must fight to survive, and reclaim the life he once knew before the valley can claim its next victim.

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S.C. Mendes, Blood Bound Books
with Special Guest, Nikki Noir

On June 6th, 2006, three friends entered a pact with a succubus. The demon would be their unseen band leader, protecting its dark and divine inspiration into their fertile minds. Their fingers would dance to the demon's tune. Their breath would fill with its words. And their music would cast a spell over listeners. In return, the women would fulfill the demon's need for sexual energy with willing spirit spouses. Both parties agreed. The Mothers were christened, and Suck-U-Bus was born.​


That's what the website claimed. But it was just a gimmick to sell tickets. Or so Lisa Hummer thought.


After her brother gets a backstage bus-pass, she isn't so sure. A strange woman warns them the succubus has marked Danny for more than sex, and it isn't long before Danny goes missing.​ Following the clues, Lisa uncovers a trail of chaos wherever the band plays. Lisa can't be certain if there is a nefarious plot or if it's simply a bizarre series of coincidences.​


Is the succubus real or is it all in her head?

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