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Jonathon T. Cross

Jonathon T Cross is a weird dude. There’s no two ways about it. A dinosaur, even amongst his peers, he rocks out to bands who risk fracturing their hips on stage, and reads books written by a bunch of dead people. Twilight zone marathon? You bet. Mystery Science Theater 3000? Yes, he owns the box set. A sucker for the strange and twisted, a lover of the disturbing and macabre, and a sense of humor that can only be described as, “do people really find that funny?” He believes in the value of a story well told and commends the people brave enough to write them. Jonathon is a work in progress, but he strives to be the best possible version of himself. It’s a small thing that anyone can do, and something he believes can help save the universe from certain destruction.

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What type of music does Jonathon listen to?
Jonathon’s life blood is metal and punk, but he’s open to outstanding songs in any genre. There’s something amazing to be found in all forms of music, and if music speaks to you, then you should listen to it.

When did Jonathon decide to become a writer?
Jonathon considered being a poet in his youth, hanging on to the words of Edgar Allan Poe and writing his own gothic stanzas. When he got older, he took up guitar and his poems transformed into song lyrics. Somewhere between there and adulthood, the musical dream died, but the desire to write didn't. Dissatisfied with corporate America, he chose to write when he wasn’t working, and flex those atrophied creative muscles.

How long does it take Jonathon to write a novel?
Jonathon pleads the 5th. In all seriousness, though, he could belt out a novel rather quickly if he hired someone to keep him focused and force feed him coffee.

Where does Jonathon get his ideas?
Jonathon’s ideas come from his experiences, hopes, fears, dreams, expectations, reality, and education. While his first release is grounded in reality, his second delves into cosmic horror. Overall, Jonathon contemplates life and existence in abstract terms, so expect a mix of dark, quirky, existential, and unusual entries in the future.

Where can I get signed copies of Jonathon’s book?
On this site! And through the That Spooky Beach Etsy page.


How do I get Jonathon to do a signing/appear at a bookstore?
Fill in the contact box below and we will reach out to discuss!

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