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Book Review: Haunting Adeline

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Rating: 4/5


The story follows a woman, Adeline, as she begins to unravel who murdered her great grandmother, Gigi. She battles with the knowledge that her great grandmother had a stalker, as she is dealing with a stalker in her own life. Adeline is a junkie for fear so she finds herself succumbing to her stalker, Zade. We also follow his story, learning about the darkest depths of hell through his experiences. In the end, we find out whether he is able to truly conquer evil and if their twisted relationship will become something real.

Review: After investing 583 pages to the passionate, unrelenting story of a little mouse and her kitty cat, I'm questioning the genre of dark romance for this book. I'm new to reading dark romance but this felt a little more like horror fiction. I would have liked to see more actual romance. Let's be clear - not less smut but... more romance. And less lip biting?? Sorry, but that had to be said. By the end of the story, Adeline had come around to maybe loving him but is it actually love or a bit of Stockholm syndrome? Tell me what she loved about him because I'm unclear.

I'm a bit of a freak too and loved the smutty scenes. I didn't read this for the realism though so I accept the scenes for what they are and escaped into my fantasy world.

Adeline and Zade are a match made in hell, with interesting backgrounds, kinks (maybe that she only discovers AFTER they happened to her), and let's be honest, psychological issues. Yet, I love them together and rooted for them.

I did not love Daya's character. She felt like she was there only for fluff or an extra voice of reason. I also wish Zade had a better reason for all the murders than "I wanted to." That was a bit cringey and weak.

Towards the end, when Addie and Daya make their way to the creepy, ghost infested attic, after all of the ghost buildup throughout the pages - I was sure there would be (and hoping for) some ghost encounters/possessions. This was a bit of a letdown.

Regardless, I did enjoy the book. It kept me hooked and left me not wanting to put it down. Within 30 seconds of finishing, I had ordered book 2. Hoping for more romance, less lip biting, and some better character development in Hunting Adeline.

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