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The Time Machine

Today's post is going to take you back in time, in more ways than one! While digging through papers, trying to locate lame grown-up stuff, I uncovered the first story I ever wrote as a kid. So, telling you this story is like going back in time for me, but also, the story is about a time machine. I've fixed the spelling errors and added some commas for readability, everything else is original.

Me and my friend Danny like to build with tools. One day we built a time machine. We set it for 9 million years in the past. When we got there, we landed in a cave, where there was a person who eats other people. We just managed to escape. When we got to a place where people didn't eat other people, they told us to beware of the dragon. That night the dragon came. He tried to eat me but I used his tongue as a slingshot and launched myself out of his mouth and into the side of the mountain. I woke up to find me and Danny roasting on a stick. Luckily, my arms were free and I grabbed the drill in my pocket and cut the rope and untied Danny. When we got to the cave, we got past the person who eats other people. We got back in the time machine and set it for the time of the dinosaurs. We got out and two velociraptors ran at us from either side. We both ducked and the dinosaurs hit their heads. When we looked for our time machine, we couldn't find it. We walked a little further and saw a T. Rex trying to kill another dinosaur with the time machine. It fell and we had to repair the damage. Half way through time we crashed and saw Adam and Eve, who said they were the first two people on earth, but we knew they weren't. When we got back Danny showed me a coin he picked up on the way. It was an undiscovered coin. I said we could be rich we were the first ones to find that kind of coin and the first ones to go back in time. The next day we went to the museum of natural history. They believed us about the coin but not about the time machine. I said do you want to give it a try? They said yes and two of them came. We went to the dragon's cave. One of them was eaten but we still had one and we still had proof. When we went back, we were famous. We had a great life. Until the person eater came in his own time machine and started eating everyone. We called the U.S. Army, and they came and destroyed him, but he had already ate half of the world’s population. Too bad.

I got a kick out of reading this and thought I'd share it. If I had to guess, I would say I was 6 or 7 when I wrote this. Apparently, I hadn't learned the word cannibal yet. The thing that got me was that even then, I was writing about carnage and chaos. I guess it’s always been a part of who I am.

Does anyone else have some crazy kid stories or memories to share?

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